Akurei releases third bedroom-pop EP of the year, CLOVER

If you’ve enjoyed of the music from the Australian contingent of bedroom producers and lofi songwriters, then it’s a no brainer that you’re going to vibe to Akurei‘s new EP, CLOVER.

This three-track EP might not bring you luck, but it will bring you good feels as you sink into the elastic strings, light-touch percussion and dreamy vocals that all come together in playful and imaginative melodies.

Those in the know will already be aware that Akurei has been on the EP hype this year, releasing past collecitons SEROTONIN and HAIRDYE, before finally landing on CLOVER to close out 2020.

“CLOVER is the third EP I’m sharing in 2020and itmight be the most excitingof the three.It’s been so exciting to start on anidea andsee itthrough fromitsinception toitsrelease within a fewmonths. It’s not something I’ve ever been able to do before Max(Golden Vessel)and I started sumoclic.I wrote CLOVER by myself earlier this year. COVID-19 restrictions had eased at this point,people were finallyable to get together in groups and venues had opened in QLD, where I live. I was thinking about socialanxiety, which most of us seem to experience from time to time, and specifically about those nights whereyou feel like you need to drink to feel comfortable.”

Our top track on the EP just so happens to be ‘CLOVER’, which leans into the slacker-pop passivity to present the chillest and catchiest tune.

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