Don’t miss Emanuel’s EP, Session 2: Transformation

The Canadian R&B artist Emanuel has been on a serious roll this year. He’s kicked things off back in April with ‘Need You’, which was delivered with a video directed by none other than Idris Elba. Ever since then, this forward-thinking creative has been relentless in his ability to create awe-inspiring songs.

Follow on from Emanuel‘s first EP, Session 1: Disillusion, which was phenomenally popular on Spotify, the Toronto-based singer and songwriter presents the follow on, Session 2: Transformation. Where the first EP was an admission of his all-to-human faults, the sophomore release is a reconciliation, as we heard in the previously aired ‘Black Woman’.

In addition to that empowering ballad, there’s two new original songs ‘Magazines’ and ‘PTH‘ which both hit-hard with Emanuel‘s emotional and introspective approach to soulful R&B.

As the artist states, ‘Magazines’ is “a projection of the observation that there are a lot of people who are desperate for wealth gratification and are trying to fill their broken hearts with a whole lot of nothing.”

On the other hand, ‘PTH’ is a celebration of the euphoria found in intimacy, punctuated by chunky bass, head-bopping percussion and swirling synths. As Emanuel puts it: “The song is super carnal, but it’s also really beautiful – I hold those experiences and those moments in high regard. I wanted it to be an expression of love and about appreciating a woman’s body in that moment.”

Session 2 is topped off by a remix of the EP’s lead single ‘Black Woman’, produced by Grammy Award winner Supa Dups and featuring reggae icon Tarrus Riley, which leaves the whole thing on a high that we really didn’t expect.

With 2021 just around the corner, we can’t wait to hear what surprises Emanuel has in store for us next.

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