Ludovica Pagani & Stefy De Cicco release sizzling club banger, ‘Life Is One’ ft. Shibui.

In need of a mood lift after a row of dark, winter nights? Well, look no further than Ludovica Pagani and  Stefy De Cicco’s latest tune, ‘Life Is One’ featuring stunning vocals from Shibui.

No stranger to creating smash hits, Stefy is fresh off a signing with Universal Music after the success of ‘Day N’ Nite‘, featuring Martin Jensen, which earned the pair over 30 million streams. Accustomed to her fair share of success too, well known influencer, DJ and producer, Ludovica linked up with fellow producer and countryman Stefy to put together a sizzling club banger that’d be sure to get the clubs jumping… if anyone was allowed in them.

‘Life Is One’ is a delightful dose of upbeat, electronic dance music goodness, with an energetic vocal track and bags of vitality.

Speaking of their release, Ludovica and Stefy say that:

 “’Life Is One’ is a hymn to that carefree and joyful feeling we experience when we’re happy. An empowering song made to make everybody want to dance.”

Dipped in sunshine and rolled in unbridled euphoria, ‘Life Is One’ is the ray of sunshine and positivity that we’re all in dire need of; lighting up the dark winter sky with it’s heavy bassline, piercing synth lines, echoing vocals and earth-shaking beat drops. ‘Life Is One’ is a fantastic close to 2020 by Ludovica Pagani and  Stefy De Cicco who are both set to have a very musically fruitful and prosperous new year.


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