Listen to LUKA’s haunting single ‘Past The Point Of No Return’

LUKA is absolutely captivating on her second single ‘Past The Point Of No Return’.

This unconventional song has you on the tips of your toes, chasing after the elusive presence that this London and Leeds based artist delivers throughout. We can help but being drawn to the visceral imagery of LUKA‘s words, “what if I’m past the point of no return, will you sit back and watch me burn, ’til I’m just a memory of flame?” It’s revealing of the artist’s own mental health struggles with anxiety and depression, which she conveys with the deep understanding of personal experience.

The non-traditional arrangement also allows space for the listener to explore their own emotions which may rise and fall with the eerie string arrangement and the spectral vocal harmonies.

Listen to ‘Past The Point Of No Return’ below, out now via Monomyth Records.

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