Mulay is exquisite on minimalist R&B single ‘ANTRACYTE’

Everything that Mulay does is exquisite. Last year we obsessed over her single and video ‘SHAME’, which exuded R&B sultriness and femxle solidarity. Her first release of the year is no exception to that high bar Mulay has set for herself, and why wouldn’t she when she has songs in the bag like ‘ANTRACYTE’.

Directed once again by Felix Aaron, the visuals take us into the literal underbelly of modern day society, acting as an artistic expression of the candid themes Mulay explores through her evocative songwriting.

As Mulay shares with us: “ANTRACYTE tells a story of contradicting emotions, a story of love, lust, pain and a longing for more. It’s about facing your own darkness and sins, about self-revelation, emancipation and about paying its price, resigning to your fate.”

As well as being a visually arresting avant-garde watch, ‘ANTRACYTE’ is a dystopian take on alt-R&B, taking on minimalist elements on trip-hop that the genre is so well known for. Her vocal presence takes the most space; it’s bold, honest, vulnerable and dangerous. She’s all these things and more; she is Mulay.

[Lead photo credit: Gianna Shamone]

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