Alt-rockers Kopper unveil ‘Luminescent Womb’ with expressive music video

‘Luminescent Womb’ is a song all about examining the darker side of oneself, something which many people were forced to confront through those lonely and isolating months of 2020. Inspired by psychologist Carl Jung’s theory of shadow, Kopper taps into the unconscious in order to gain a new meaning.

The song itself is a synchronized pattern of cathartic drums and rebellious guitars which gradually builds momentum, heading towards the prolonged energy of a mighty crescendo. It’s accompanied by some captivating visuals, referred to by the band as a “dance film experiment”, in which a talented dancer explores music through her choreography.

“Releasing the track after this year of darkness, struggle and isolation feels particularly poignant”, the band explains, “While it delves into the journey of lead singer, Jon Williams as he faces and tries to address his personal failings, we have all shared in a collective reckoning with the darker sides of ourselves, and have been forced to take the time to face up to who we are, what we are and who we want to be”.

Acting as the fourth track to their debut EP, ‘Luminescent Womb’ is not only an ending, but it also opens to door to Kopper‘s future projects, with possibilities unknown.

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