Non-conformist Amber Jay returns with alt-pop heartbreak tale ‘Stay The Same’

Back in December, we introduced Liverpool’s most hotly-tipped newcomer Amber Jay to readers here at Unrecorded with ‘Pencilled Brims’. It was her jaunty and non-conformist alternative-pop sound that first perked our ears up and we’re being treated to the joyful unpredictability of Jay’s music through her first release of the year ‘Stay The Same’.

This one takes the classic trope of heartbreak and reshapes it into the sonic journey of punctuating percussion, moody synths and melodic shifts. Below, Amber Jay details the artistic vision behind ‘Stay The Same’:

“[It] encapsulates that pining feeling for someone when a relationship has ended and whatever you try to do to fix it just makes the other person more and more distant. Kind of like when you’re swimming and there’s like a lilo in the water and every time you try and wade towards it to get on, the water’s ripples from your movement pushes it further and further away. This track was super fun to make and the first track we recorded. I was so happy with how it sounded that it made me want to make an EP. So, without this track there would be no EP!”

Check out this gritty alt-pop number below.

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