FONN’s ‘Good Light In’ is the anthem for anyone having a tough time right now

We don’t really need to point to the elephant in the room for why one might be struggling at the moment; it’s hella tough. One thing that’s been medically proven to be a mood-lifter is music; it’s why all those feel-good playlists exist. Now we’re adding FONN‘s new prog-pop single ‘Good Light In’ to our listening library for when we’re feeling a bit blue.

This major-key recording with layers of luscious harmonies and anthemic instrumentation is undoubtedly designed to bring a little light into one’s daily life. As FONN, otherwise known as Fionn Connolly, shares:

This song is really about finding hope, dealing with issues of isolation and depression, and living for yourself.”

‘Good Light In’ was drawn from a well of past experience, as the London-via-Devon songwriter has battled with his own demons when it comes to mental health. The penning of this personal story is also inspired by the expert sounds of The Japanese House, Bon Iver and The 1975, from which we certainly note FONN‘s sweeping melodies and optimistic chorus.

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