Cheery chillwave pop ‘are you gonna’ from Irish newcomer Franki

Well hello there Friday! It’s been a while since the end-of-the-week actually felt any different from the other days, but we’re challenging you today to embrace that coveted Friday Feeling with Franki. The Dublin-based musician is putting a real smile on our faces here at Unrecorded with his new single ‘are you gonna’.

This brightly-textured track opens with 1975-style guitars and an undoubtedly upbeat percussion that instant puts the spark into our weekend. After the short introduction, ‘are you gonna’ swings into chillwave action to allow for Franki‘s stylish vocals to swim through the technicolour melodies.

It may surprise you to hear that while ‘are you gonna’ is a bold and confident single, the central them is love-induced insecurity. As Franki tells us:

“‘are u gonna’ is about the contrasting emotions of love and insecurity. The fear of losing what you have because it’s becoming so important to you.”

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