Lindsay Reamer releases airy-electronic single ‘Lucky’, from her upcoming EP

Lindsay Reamer’s debut single ‘Lucky’, the first track and namesake of her new EP, plunges us excitedly into a fist-pumping drum-thumping beat, welcomed in by a magical sound of synth. A perfect reflection of her break-through into singing and songwriting after struggling to overcome her “self imposed restrictions” and self doubt. 

The singer’s thoughts on her creative process: 

“Recording this began as an exercise in overcoming self doubt. While living in Boston during college I was surrounded by incredibly talented and technically trained musicians. I was intimidated by them and convinced myself that because I couldn’t play like them I could never create anything of value. To satiate this longing, I did whatever I could to put myself in close proximity to music. I booked shows, dated musicians, and even performed as a backup dancer for a regionally touring band. It’s funny to think about how I did everything I could to be around music without actually playing it myself. After moving to Philadelphia and away from these identities, the illusion faded away. I became inspired by songwriters like Arthur Russell and Daniel Johnston, who’s songs felt so free of any self imposed restrictions. My desire to write music finally surpassed my fear.”

The artist’s ethereal vocals contrast a delightful and delicate voice with a blasting club sound. The song is one atmospheric fun-house, with the synth-infused sound of Robyn and voice reminiscent of Lana Del Rey.

Lyrically, the songwriter confronts the human condition by zooming in on the relatable micro-events of the everyday. Our lives are forever morphing, the people closest to us are becoming sadly distant, and yet, we can’t stop crying and dancing to Reamer’s first boppy anthem of 2021.

The new track feels like fresh flowers blooming after a grey downpour. We’ll be jamming to this single everytime we need an airy-sweet reminder that we’re capable of incredible things when we’re kind to ourselves. 

‘Lucky’ is the first of four tracks from the singer-songwriter’s debut EP, set to release this year.

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