Zelha’s back with synth-pop-bop ‘Empty Calls’

Zelha serves us this powerful synth-pop single ‘Empty Calls’. The track features a compelling drum and synth combo that has us hanging on her every word, amplified by her beautiful delivery of the lyrics.

The exceptional lifts and bursts in the vocalist’s voice make for an exceptional song, with catchy yet clear, raw emotion shining through. A bold and distinct sound from a highly talented artist. 

The fusion of drum and melody creates a holiday playlist feel. The track’s vibe is like waves crashing against the rocks. Zelha contrasts thunderous booms with up-tempo beats; similar to sounds by the likes of London Grammar and Florence and the Machine.

Having grown up in Belgium with a Belgian-Mexican heritage, Zelha felt different and saw the world in her own unique way. Before her music career, she tried to stay out of the spotlight, that was until music became her creative outlet. ‘Empty Calls’ has the perfect heavy tones and light yet fiery melody that is suited to London’s o2 Arena in a sonic frenzy of synth-pop-bops and a floor shaking drum beat.

Lovers of artists such as Haim, Lorde and Maggie Rogers, Zelha’s cited influences, will not want to sleep on the artist’s debut EP. Enjoy the distinct flow of ‘Empty Calls’ and be ready for an exploration of over analysing situations and relationships in her new EP due next year.

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