DeCarteret and Squid Ethics release suave new single, ‘LuvSeat’, with unapologetic artistry

DeCarteret and Squid Ethics’ transcendental masterpiece, ‘LuvSeat’, mixes a flawless sub-genre cocktail and serves it so smoothly.

This multi-layered track is seducing us with its romantic woodwind allure, laid on a sexy lo-fi hip-hop beat. The ambient tune feels plucked straight from a smoky speakeasy bar and wields an overall implied naughtiness through the beat and sweetly sultry vocals. 

DeCartret’s master blend of guitar and voice strikes a harmonious balance with the suggestive setting featuring jazz, love-seat and all. Sliding effortlessly through the scales, the singer suspends a seamless equilibrium between down-tempo R&B and the delivery of her unapologetic lyrics. 

DeCarteret on the new release: 

“I think this track truly portrays where I want to be with my music and to get there with only my second single, I am really thrilled. For me the song is really about saying sh*t you don’t mean, so go wash your mouth out with soap, then come back and we can talk haha. 2020 was a big year for me full of loss and grief, getting stabbed in the back and hung out to dry, but I still managed to release my first single, so bring on 2021! Im f*cking proud of this track. All the music, all the instruments were tracked by my real close mates, my little group of talent, which makes this song mean so much more.”

Produced so cleanly by Squid Ethics, the hip-hop sound dances provocatively with the jazz notes, billowing through the tune. ‘LuvSeat’ feels like a pastiche to vapour-wave with a distinct Jorja Smith influence, bringing jazz to light and swaying it firmly through the softly sung lyrics. 

The track carries a strongly feminine atmosphere; mesmerising, honest and resilient. DeCarteret and Squid Ethics have demonstrated their artistry to perfection and this dream-team are definitely ones to watch in 2021. 

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