The dawn of DAAY: experimental musicians release their jazzy new single, ‘First Light’

After being accused by an evangelical American rapper named ‘DAY’ of copying his name, DAAY’s music career got off to no ordinary start; an ample beginning for an extraordinary indie-rock band with a hot slice of jazz thrown in. 

The band’s second single ‘First Light’ showcases an inviting riff that sparks an instant interest and the need to hear more. The melody sounds warmly familiar and wouldn’t feel out of place on a Tame Impala track. 

The song bears a distinctively funky rhythm that makes your hips want to dance with the drum beat, swirling effortlessly with that lovely guitar. The band’s frontman and vocalist, Alex Barty-King, demonstrates a stunning command of his vocals, warm, husky and oh-so soulful.  

The artist’s second single sounds like a clear creative outlet with Barty-King projecting his words with deep, heartfelt emotion. A broad vocal range paired with a husky, Nirvana-esque delivery crafts a niche stamp on the music industry.  

If you manage to control your hips listening to the drums, the saxophone bursting in will get you moving. The sax adds a welcome jazz element to this eclectic mix. With synth joining the party, DAAY creates a sweetly unique symphony that introduces their niche as a strong player in the indie-rock world. 

This optimistic single sits aptly next to the band’s other releases: ‘Mama’ and ‘Little Foot’. ‘First Light’ is a statement of the frontman’s positivity about the overall future of the planet and the human race.

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