Everybody wants to party with The Banquets in their new release, ‘What Ya Sayin’?’

Opening with a bouncy bassline ‘What Ya Sayin’?’ sets the tone for a playful britpop track. Bursting with personality, The Banquets serve us a feast of jaunty rock ‘n’ roll riffs and a bassline that feels inspired by The Ting Tings. 

Lead vocalist, Gemma Dee, sings with a distinctively sultry and soulful voice that puts a captivating spin on the single. It’s not surprising that the alternative rock-pop trio have made appearances on the stage at the British Folk Festival and have supported the likes of Toyah Wilcox and The South (formerly The Beautiful South). It’s clear The Banquets are here to  win their share of the British indie market and have all of the fun winning us over.

Hailing from Leeds, the band wield the power of the northern English charm and a brilliant sense of humour in their teasing lyrics. They’re here, ridiculous and loud; everybody wants to party with The Banquets!

Boasting a vibrant video laden with pop-culture references, the trio exude a captivating vibe of being the most lively people in any room. The single is a percussion party playing a catchy tambourine and bongo beat that gets us bopping. 

Showing a commendable versatility in their rock style, ‘What Ya Sayin’?’ flaunts the energetic, naughtier side of the band compared to their more serious debut single, ‘Red Sky Morning’. A 70s rock influence beams through the creatives’ music and ties their repertoire together wonderfully. We’re loving the new release and listeners are excited to see what other tricks these music magicians have up their sleeve. 

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