‘No Fightin’’ is the raw, romantic new single from SWINE

Delving straight into an electrifying guitar riff, ‘No Fightin’’ is the latest release from alternative-indie band SWINE. The tune is gritty in a way that sounds almost romantic, featuring a gripping bass guitar and ska’s signature bright-high chords.

With a nod to the reggae and punk scene, SWINE takes influence from London’s The Slits and Britain’s punk-rock boys The Stranglers. The band’s vocalist, Michael Blakemore, sings with a much broader vocal range than you would expect in alternative-rock songs. His distinctive Salfordian accent and the effortless swaying between the higher and lower notes makes the song’s melody truly charming. 

The production of the single itself sounds absolutely incredible. Dan Clay on bass guitar nearly steals the show with his funky feature at the forefront of the track, yet the rest of the composition plays with an equally infectious rhythm. The band are a truly formidable group, with Stephen Day on drums and Rhys Hammond on guitar holding their own in the mix. 

Lyrically, the song is sweet and confessional, it’s saying nobody’s perfect, especially not us, and that is the real beauty of the gritty, northern vibe that we adore so intimately. The jaunty notes and funky bassline in the track makes it a unique bop to move to, instilling a nostalgic feeling of the live-music days; a Saturday-daytime festival vibe. 

The band has shown true versatility with this new track and, in the spirit of the season, we are so in love with the more chilled out string in their bow. The future looks bright for SWINE as they make their mark in music with their funky spin on punk-rock. No messin’ and ‘No Fightin’’. 

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Photo credit: Trust a Fox Photography

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