Quote Club: LO returns with the inception inducing ‘LOST IN A DREAM’


Berlin-based producer LO is back and he has not returned empty handed. This time he gifts us with second single, the inception-esque ‘LOST IN A DREAM’ which follows closely from the recently released ‘BLU’. Clearly hitting the ground running this 2021, LO has plenty more on the musical horizon planned with the highly anticipated release of his forthcoming album ‘Night Owls’ which teeters ever nearer. Overflowing with effervescent synth sounds and exceedingly unique vocals that can only be described as if they have been carefully poured through an electronic water filter, this tune is the perfect mix of futuristic alt-pop with high energy, dramatic elements of EDM. A refreshing new flavour for the producer/songwriter and an excitingly welcome taste of whats to come with ‘Night Owls’.

“LOST IN A DREAM” is one of the tracks that made me decide to work on an album again. It has this raw electronic sound that really gave me a rush of excitement and inspired the whole sound of the album. The song talks about this bizarre inception-like feeling of weird dreams that you want to wake up from but can’t. Sometimes our inner self feels this same strange feeling about things in reality, whether it’s life plans, relationships, or even just existing. I tried to transport the feeling through this track, the conscious/subconscious state of being.”

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