Sarah Carton addresses the saviour complex in her new single ‘Beautiful Boy’

Sarah Carton‘s indie-electronic single ‘Beautiful Boy’ emanates a pulsating synth exploring the intimacy of the track by flowing with the bedroom-pop style. The melody works in a peaceful duality with the darker side of the song, amplified by the heavy bass of the drum. 

The singer-songwriter’s tender, English accent is influenced by such singers as Kate Nash and Lily Allen, whose successes have both widely influenced the indie-electronic sound for English female vocalists.

Singing her deeply affectionate lyrics, Carton channels love with the inextricable attachment of pain that radiates beautifully from her voice as she sings. Collaborating the synth-drum sound with an emotionally charged melody reminds us fondly of the much-loved sound of Daughter. The song radiates the relatable heart-break that comes with caring for someone who is emotionally unavailable, or unable to reach out. 

To accompany Carton‘s socially conscious poetry and compassionate heart, she has launched a range of merchandise to support the mental health charity, CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). A percentage of the proceeds from both the merch and ‘Beautiful Boy’ will be donated to the charity.

As the song plays, drums break through the synth lending a heart-warming tone through the music that symbolises resilience, the overcoming of adversity, that feels comforting in its sweet sound. 

Carton’s work is raw substance channelled straight from the heart, into her music; we’re looking forward to the ‘Beautiful Boy’ video set against the urban backdrop of London, due for release on February 19th.

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