Gillian Heidi is feeling the ‘Burnout’ in her latest heartbreak pop single

Offering out her first single of the new year, upcoming Boston-based talent Gillian Heidi returns with her latest, heartbreak pop single, ‘Burnout’. A young and gifted singer-songwriter, Gillian has continued to grow her ever-expanding fanbase since the release of her debut single, ‘What It Felt Like’ which gained over 200,000 streams, no mean feat for an unsigned artists debut.

Returning with ‘Burnout’, Gillian presents a smooth and solemn piano-led pop single with subtle jazzy licks and a cool, old blues vibe about it. Known for tackling themes and subjects with a wisdom and grace far beyond her 16 years, Gillian has become somewhat of a spokesperson for the Gen-Z crowd, narrating the woes that often plague their young mind’s and ‘Burnout’ is certainly no different.

Written with thoughtful clarity and poetic eloquence, ‘Burnout’ is a beautiful and stirring piece of music that details the dissolution of a relationship and the pain and excruciating heartbreak that often follows. Delivered with silken vocals baring an alarming tenderness and emotional maturity to them, Gillian’s voice glides gently over soft piano and modern, R&B fused production resulting in a gorgeously composed and sincerely written piece of contemporary pop.

Listen to Gillian Heidi – Burnout


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