Vale presents ‘All Rise’


A powerful punch of pure electro pop, Vale presents his latest single ‘All Rise’. Featuring choral chiming synth-work topped with Vale‘s soft yet capable vocals, the track slowly grows with layer upon layer of slow, smooth electronic colours. A warm, welcome and gentle addition to the pop world. ‘All Rise’ feels like falling into the comfiest of blankets all whilst being heavenly supported by Vale‘s uplifting lyrics. The song eventually reaches its final epic breakthrough of heavy beats and jagged production bellowing out into a cathartic release. Vale truly whips up the perfect balance between atmospheric tones and soaring yet soothing emotions.

Speaking about the track, the artist says; “All Rise for me is a couple of different messages, to myself, strung together in one piece of writing. It’s a song about patience, about fear, and loneliness in a time where the entire planet was, if nothing else, communal in a shared isolation.”


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