Sarpa Salpa confronts the anguish of unreciprocated love in the wavy new single ‘Another Life’

Sarpa Salpa is Northampton’s promising rising star of indie. Their up-beat new single ‘Another Life’ deals with the anguish of unreciprocated affection in a wavy, synth-pop style. 

The 80s-inspired single could have featured aptly in a classic John Hughes film in all its angst and coming-of-age glory. ‘Another Life’ is an undeniable indie bop and with the band’s notorious touring schedule the alt-indie band are hoping to rock UK crowds in 2021, socially distanced of course!

To our delight, the song features some classic-rock power chords weaving in those sounds from the great musicians through the decades before them. Sarpa Salpa certainly has been inspired by the work of Simple Minds, with that disco-factor shining through both the composition and melody of their music. Vocally, the artists also take influence from Brandon Flowers and Patrick Stump with plenty of bass and soul in their singing. 

The band explore a multitude of concepts such as the 80s, 90s and vaporwave. It appears this authentic appreciation for varying concepts, sounds and aesthetics have awarded them an incredibly unique sound and image; a merit that is not easily achieved as an indie band.

Looping those surf style riffs makes this tune so catchy and it’s definitely a strong contender for our Repeat Rewind playlist on Spotify. As lovers of the 80s, we love a synth and hearing that electronic element in this fresh tune makes us want to get on our best vintage fits and party. 

Watch out for Sarpa Salpa’s EP, Sophomore, featuring ‘Another Life’ due on April 2nd.  

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