Low Girl fights apathy with the power of synth in releasing her new single ‘Big Now’

In the thick of the pandemic, Low Girl stares apathy in the face and chooses to attack with her new single ‘Big Now’. 

The rising artist speaks about her new release: 

“Above all, this song is a plea to be heard and understood. It’s about destroying the planet for wealth that you don’t take to your grave. And it’s to remind myself to fight apathy whenever I feel it stirring inside me.”

Since the rise of the pandemic people on earth have been constantly bombarded with conflicting opinions on how it’s been handled. The news has been an inescapable vice feeding us shortcomings of governments around the globe, whilst we’re stuck locked down and consuming. The UK creative’s lyrics “bet you’re feelin’ so big now” echoes the history we’re living through and calls upon those accountable to reflect on consuming the earth’s resources, hurting our home planet.

Low Girl harnesses her musical talent and channels her energy through synth-indie-rock. The contrast of the dancey, 90s inspired synth with such a relevant message portrayed in the lyrics make this tune such an anthemic bop to groove to. 

The song exudes feminine undertones that pair wonderfully with the artist’s bluesy yet powerful vocal range. The singing style of Florence Welch springs to mind whilst bopping along to this bedroom-pop banger and gives a soul touching, deep vibe along with all the fun of the banging drum beat. 

Big Now’ is the second and title track of Low Girl’s upcoming Big Now EP due for release on April 30th. It will feature four other tracks on its highly anticipated release; this artist is without a doubt one to watch. 

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