Boy of Davison taps into raw singer-songwriter emotion in his debut EP Deals with Death

Boy of Davison, Lewis George, plays on the strings of comforting guitars and hearts of listeners in his honest debut EP Deals with Death.

The singer-songwriter explores the complex realm of dealing with losing loved ones and the helpless feeling that accompanies being geographically so far away yet so emotionally present. The project is notably both affectionate and vulnerable with buckets of heart poured into these stunning songs.

Lewis’ voice is sweet and harmonic, it sounds safe and comforting weaving like an apparition through the delicate notes and acoustic guitar chords. The first track ‘Between the Notes’ holds an optimistic melody that makes this EP feel all the more touching. The guitar in this first track touches on a psychedelic sound towards the track’s end, mirroring that daydreaming feeling of introspectivity and trying to feel okay.

The cheery track ‘Basic Human Needs’ is rich with bittersweet overtones of love, loss and being kind to yourself. A Frank Turner influence lives within this track with Boy of Davison sweeping his jaunty strings and encapsulating listeners. We adore the familiar singer-songwriter signature that graces this track, instilling the homely sound of voice and string that so many of us love so dearly.

The final track ‘To the Earth’ summons tears with its sheer poetic force, addressing the circle of life; humans giving our bodies back to planet earth when we die. This is Deals With Death’s ode to the natural world and almost feels like the talented singer’s deal with mother   nature. 

The indie-folk artist Boy of Davison quotes his Grandfather, “maybe I’m dying, but I won’t let it ruin my day”. His words are a glowing ember throughout the EP; touching, delicate and honest. 

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