Kasai – Drunk Diary, Weed & Liquor

Dirty Hit’s new signing Kasai has released a new single ‘Drunk Diary, Weed & Liquor’ ahead of her forthcoming EP ‘Not That Normal, Pt. 1’. The Londoner drops a beguiling vocal over a driving R&B beat, filled with silky guitars and an undeniable groove. The lyrics deftly pick apart a love from the past, reflecting on alcohol soaked nights and booze fuelled behaviour.

“‘Drunk Diary’ came together in a moment where writing felt therapeutic to me. This song was a safe place for me to speak on something I’ve been through and opens up the rest of the story of the EP,” says Kasai

“I also felt it was the first song where I began to find more of my voice and its influenced everything I’ve made since. I’ve got special memories of making it with amazing people.”

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