Superbloom drops post-grunge indie banger ‘Paper & Stone’

Superbloom’s indie-rock banger ‘Paper & Stone’ features the promising heavy riffs that make us hit ‘repeat’.

North-London duo Robert and James are newcomers to the indie music scene with so much to offer. Breaking through into the public ear, the best-buds wield a deep understanding of the complexities of string, percussion and voice in an alternative-rock holy trinity. 

Paper & Stone’ orbits the theme of inevitability, of feeling trapped in life, a feeling that we’ve known all too well in recent years. Bold, pensive lyrics nod to indie-alternative giants Arctic Monkeys reminding us of the provocative lyrical work of Alex Turner. The distinctively belting vocals are a perfect product of Superbloom’s own alchemic influences, grunge and blues rock, adopting only the best of pitch and power from each genre. 

When the track plunges into its heavier underbelly it hollers out for post-grunge revival that just sounds so delicious. The production on this track demonstrates a refined, razor-sharp repertoire and feels so clean, with massive credit to both Superbloom and Thomas Mitchener. 

The band’s songs explore mental health and scientific theory through the use of metaphor tipping their multi-layered complexity on its axis; the listener takes away a new impresion with every spin of this compelling track. The accompanying video by Tom Adam Green for the new tune features this same exciting yet chilling metaphorical approach and is simultaneously visually pleasing and fascinating. 

Superbloom are currently working on their first full-length album and we’re ready to snap it up at the first hint of its release. 

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