Listen to ‘Pieces Fit Right’ from Bad Pop’s deluxe album edition

Good things come to those who wait, or at least, that’s what my Nan says. Proving that old adage right is Canadian rock band Bad Pop who have emerged from a three-year-long hiatus with an unmissable deluxe edition of their self-titled debut album. For fans old and new, there’s five new tracks, a treasure trove of cover songs and never before heard live versions of some of your favourite tracks.

“The Deluxe LP is the original Bad Pop LP packed with bonus tracks that we recorded around that time! Some covers, some older songs, some live songs, and one brand new single ‘Pieces Fit Right’ was recorded at Strong Room studios while we had a few days off on tour in London. If you saw Bad Pop play, you would have heard a lot of the songs on the Deluxe LP,” says frontman Chris Connelly.

One of our favourites is ‘Pieces Fit Right‘ coming in eleventh place in the running order. For classic albums, the eleventh track would be where a record starts winding down, but this track is so far from that. Their spooky, vampiric aesthetic sits like a low mist surrounding the haunted house that Bad Pop occupy. Off-kilter rhythms and creeping instrumentation is a seductive lure into the melodic-rock world constructed through this single and it’s one that we can’t get enough of. A truly understated listen.

You can listen to the deluxe Bad Pop LP right here.

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