Introducing the budding indie-rap talent Cian Jay with double single release

There’s something so inviting about Cian Jay‘s music; the relaxed-fit backbeats have a jazzy warmth that create the perfect backdrop for the Londoner’s straight-talking flow. This is exactly what you’ll find in the artist’s new double single release ‘Define Me’ and ’21st Century Rockstar’.

‘Define Me’ is a lament on 2020, easily the hardest year in the life for of many people, including Cian Jay. He riffs on missing college classes, being traumatised by the news, recognising his privilege and feeling isolated. It’s an impression flex that appeals to lovers of Loyle Carner and The Streets.

On the flipside is ’21st Century Rockstar’, a poppier presentation of Jay‘s lyric-heavy style. It centers around an auto-tuned chorus that hooks into the cloud-hop craze of recent years, in which the Brit sings what exactly it means to be seeking success in the modern age. Throughout the track, we hear different vocal styles and varying emotional states from Cian Jay, conveying the turmoil that stirred up inside of this ambitious young creative.

Both tracks are a great introduction to this UK one-to-watch.

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