Trent-Jean releases raucous rock anthem ‘B4IDIE’

Trent-Jean’s alt-rock single ‘B4IDIE’ crashes through our airwaves and it’s the signature sonic-boom that we’ve been waiting for. 

The raucous new single is laced with weighty guitar licks and a rockin’ bassline that bops like popping candy. Trent-Jean himself and guest feature Diamond Dave the Rooster sing with a powerful vocal command that can be likened to that of John Mayer; ‘B4IDIE’ is the electrifying kick we needed from 2021. 

The genre-blending Australian creatives have sparked a distinctively unique sound that left our jaws wide-open following the release of Jean‘s debut single ‘Manchester by the Sea’. Touching on EDM, pop and classic rock the band, bursting with cosmic eccentricity, has taken a welcome heavier direction in this second single. 

The track’s backstory is just as interesting as the rock-pop ensemble itself, cited to have been inspired by the kidnapping of the singer. 

Trent-Jean says on recording his new single:

 “I wanted to create a ‘larger than life’ feeling for the listener. Making sure it would lift the masses bigger than their body for that moment in time, to encourage them to take on their everyday battles with gusto and confidence…[B4IDIE] is about embracing my art and individuality, in pursuit of encouraging others to do so themselves during their unique journeys through this lifetime.”

With special mention to band-besties: Brontë Mongoose on backing-vocals and Guitar, The Mighty Josh Gallagher on Drums, Dan Desirable playing Keys, ‘Queen of Sax’ Alannah Chapman and ‘Mind Reader’ Reynolds on Bass. The entire band has created a commendable, progressive fusion of a badass rock hit for us to feast our ears on. 

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