Hongza’s ‘Accolades’ is a cathartic 00s indie-rock anthem about lockdown living

We introduced you to the British-Vietnamese newcomer Hongza back in December with his emotive cover of Harry Styles’ single ‘Cherry’ which brought us a little taste of what to expect in the future.

A few months down the line and Hongza has released original song ‘Accolades’. Sitting somewhere between 00s nostalgia and today’s ever-evolving alternative scene, the Londoner evokes the angst that defined bands of the 2000s through the lens of the events we’re all living through. Like so many people in the UK, we’re confined to our homes and for many that means your bedroom, and so we can fully relate to the video which sees Hongza rolling through a variety of emotions confined to his small space.

Here Hongza speaks of his experience over the past year or so:

“Being in Lockdown is such a crazy experience, I had so much time that I was spending insane amounts of hours on my phone and making TikTok videos. I got caught in this mess where I thought my self-worth came from how many people commented on my videos & how many people followed me. Which is not true! I guess this is a lockdown to take care of your mental health & this track is a digital wellbeing anthem for me.”

Listening to ‘Accolades’ is such a cathartic experience and that’s thanks to the artist’s vulnerability here. We especially can’t get enough of the chorus, it’s unbelievably catchy and we can totally imagine singing along to this at a gig while moving our bodies along with satisfying indie-rock instrumentation.

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