Newcomer duo Yeti’s Breakfast unveil their third single, ‘Remember’

Back with their first offering of the new year, newcomer duo Yeti’s Breakfast unveil the third single in their budding discography, ‘Remember’. The release follows on from previous singles, New Chance’ and Lost the Moon, all of which are set to feature in the band’s forthcoming, debut EP, Moon Songs/Sun Songs due out in April.

As trained multi-instrumentalists, songwriters and music students at the University of Gloucestershire, Jeremy Burne and Rob Grady are both incredibly skilled musicians and existing new prospects in the arena of indie and alternative rock. Both hailing from Cheltenham, the pair site artists such as Andy Shauf, José González and Simon & Garfunkel as their inspirations, yet despite the heavy outer influences, Yeti’s Breakfast have managed to craft themselves a wholly unique sonic aesthetic, bringing their own twist to a range of familiar genres and popular themes.

Jeremy Burne [left] & Rob Grady [right]
By Tom Patrick

‘Remember’ is a fitting example of Yeti’s Breakfast’s unique take to songwriting and instrumentation. Written from a retrospective angle, ‘Remember’ narrates the recollection of a strange and magical journey that’s steeped in fantasy and cloaked in enchanting harmonies and dazzling, dreamlike production.

Speaking on their new single, Jeremy & Rob explain:

“‘Remember’ is a reflective rock song, which follows the quest to find a mystical old man. In the final choruses of the song, a 40 voice ensemble joins with the lead vocal, suggesting that many have encountered this magical character. This song will be accompanied by a music video, which will be released in the weeks following the single.”

Mellifluous crooning and whimsical harmonies usher listeners into a warm sonic embrace, as the band deliver earworm melodies and are joined by a choral ensemble for the final refrain. ‘Remember’ is a timeless record which will appeal to a variety of listeners, inviting them into the original soundscape and with lots yet to come from this promising act, it’s certainly worth keeping your eyes and ears peeled on Yeti’s Breakfast.

Listen to Yeti’s Breakfast – ‘Remember’ here:


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