On the Record: Gaby K

For our readers who are new to Gaby K, who is she and what’s her music about? 

So I am 25 years old, from Birmingham, where I currently live and have been singing for quite a few years now. It was only 2 years ago when I released my first ever single, which is crazy, seems like it was so long ago. Before this, I was gigging in Birmingham, singing cover songs until I struck up the courage to actually perform my original songs as I have been writing my own songs ever since I can remember. Writing songs is a massive passion of mine, when I was really young I used to always enjoy really listening to a song, not just for the music but for the words. It was something that I used to think, I want to be able to do this and then one day I just did. I would say my music is a mix of pop and soul with a hint of R&B. I am not one to stick to one genre. I think we mix and match a lot, and I definitely do as you will hear with all my singles I have released at the moment. Before the pandemic I was performing in both Birmingham and London, trying to really reach a wider audience and push my music even further, I look to continue doing this in the future. 

Tell us about your muses when writing/recording music? 

A lot of my music is based on my life and what I have experienced, however I do like to use my friends and families experiences with their consent of course. For a lot of their experiences I have been there on the sideline watching and listening. So for me I try and help to release their thoughts and feelings by writing for them, using these words to empower them. This to me is how I like to look at things, I like to see the positive side, not for myself but also for the people I write for and my listeners.

Talk us through the artists and events that influence your creative output

I listen to a lot of different genres of music, so I think my influence comes from listening to anything and everything, such as The Beatles to Beyonce, from Led Zeppelin to Lily Allen. Yes I love listening to all types of music, dancing to Destiny’s Child, crying over a Nora Jones song or head banging to AC/DC but like I said for me I have always been so interested in the song-writing part more than anything. Being able to take something that’s so close to you, like writing your own story but then bringing it to life and giving it even more emotion through putting music to it. I take influence from anything and everything that I really feel emotion from, it has never been a specific artist, sometimes a specific event yes but from listening to the words in my songs you are able to hear and see what that event may be, if that’s imagining it from my perspective or what you have experienced yourself.

If you could collab with any artist, who would you work with?

If I could say any artist I think Bruno Mars would be an amazing artist to collaborate with. He is such a talented individual, he has an amazing voice and I just love his music. To be able to work on a song with him would be out of this world. I honestly think we would be able to create a very catchy tune, we can hope…one day.

Where is your favourite place in the world? 

At the moment I think my favourite place in the world would be Barcelona, I have been there so many times and would continue to go back. I say at the moment because there are so many other places in the world that I would love to visit but yes Barcelona, just has that atmosphere that I love, I have always had such an amazing time when I visit. Anyone who hasn’t visited definitely go, it is also the best of both worlds, you got the city break but also the beach like 20 mins away on the metro!

What effect have the various lockdowns had on your creativity? 

The first lockdown I have to say helped so much with my creativity. It gave me so much time to work on more music and plan what I want to achieve this year and the next few years. I was able to dabble in things I had never thought I would be able to actually do, such as making my own lyric video, doing my own cover artworks for each of my songs. It made me realise how much we are able to do things if we really put our mind to it but also even when the lockdown ends to make time to do it as well. I won’t lie, at some points it was very hard to stay productive but thats when  you should just give yourself a break and just enjoy the time you have to relax and take it easy.

Is there anything you’d like readers to know about or to take away from your new single ‘Guilty Pleasure’? 

This single to me is about what we don’t like to talk about. Thoughts that we may have but shouldn’t, and guess what, it happens to everyone. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, we are all human. I wrote this from a past experience, the first thing I did was to write it all down, like someone might do in their diary except I chose to turn it into a song, like I was releasing some sort of guilt inside of me and it worked. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to say how you feel out loud, even if it’s to random strangers, don’t be afraid of what people may think.

How would you like to see your music impact the music industry?

Wow this is a good question, I want to be able to empower people, anyone who listens to my music. My songs are very much my own thoughts and feelings and I want people to be able to resonate with these. To me it’s all about being able to connect with people, to know that somewhere someone is listening to one of my songs to cheer themselves up or empower and feel good about themselves no matter what. To know that someone is feeling the way I felt when writing the songs, like they know they aren’t the only one if they feel down or upset. Yeah it’s just about that connection you have when listening to the song or when i am performing it.

Looking to the future, what can we look forward to from Gaby K? 

I am currently working on my first ever E.P. which I am really excited about and hope to tour around the UK with it. Being my first ever E.P I really want to make an impact and there planning on doing a big launch party for it as well, it will not only be live performance at a venue but I want to be able to have it live streamed as well (making use of lockdown resources) so that people who aren’t able to come to the party are still able to attend but in their own homes. Not only this but in the near future I will be gigging around Birmingham and London, with events already booked so I will be putting all the dates onto my social media and website (www.gabyk.co.uk).

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