Quote Club: Ci Majr’s ‘Guillotine’ calls for the death of the Ego in indie-pop style

Atlanta’s most exciting new indie export, Ci Majr is back with her latest, “dazzling little pop gem”, the anthemic, ego-crushing single, ‘Guillotine’. Taken from her forthcoming, debut EP, the release is accompanied by an incredible, conceptual homemade video directed by Danie Harris and featuring Ci Majr’s fiancé Anna.

The unveiling of ‘Guillotine’ follows closely on from its predecessor, Summer Drugreleased earlier this year to rave reviews from fans and press, including Indietronica, PopOn &On, She Makes Music and Music Crowns. If ‘Summer Drug’ was the addictive, intro single into Ci Majr’s effervescent world of shimmering pop beats then ‘Guillotine’ is the proof of her penchant for lyrical life lessons.

Speaking on the inspiration behind her latest hit, Ci Majr explains:

So I actually think the original inspiration was the arguments between family and friends that were stemming from the tension in the US political environment that really seemed to peak in 2020. I was thinking about how the conversations could be more productive, and my conclusion was that people just needed to leave their egos at the door and really just open up and aim for understanding where each other were coming from.

After reflecting on this concept I realized the truth of it extends into any sort of relationship whether platonic or romantic and then the song started to take a more romantic twist (as my songs usually do). Within the romantic context this is something that I definitely have had to learn in recent years in my current relationship.  You can so easily get caught up in the same arguments over and over only to realize that maybe you were wrong all along and it was your ego that was preventing you from coming to some sort of agreement that can appease both parties. The relationship that I’m in right now has taught me so much about this, so I guess within the romantic context this song was somewhat written to my past self. Past Ci would have been a lot better off if they would have just realized that when you’re in a relationship it’s a lot less about being right all of the time, it’s about not being afraid to be vulnerable.

Ci Majr. [she/her]

Ci Majr – Guillotine

Ci Majr on the ‘Guillotine’ music video:

“The white represents your safe space within yourself and the yellow and blue are like the you that you put out into the world that can be affected and hurt by outsiders. With respect to the song, it starts with the white and ends with the white somewhat showing that no matter what happens there’s always a version of you that is untouchable to the damage others can do to you.”

Listen to Ci Majr – Guillotine


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