Murman rock it out in their latest, high-octane offering, ‘Achilles’

Kicking off 2021 with a head-banging, air guitar ready anthem, London-based musical duo Murman unveil their latest single, ‘Achilles’. The release follows on from their last two drops, ‘Panama‘ released last year and their debut, eponymous EP ‘Murman’ released the year prior.

However, despite their relatively brief stint in the music industry so far, Abbi Knell and David Murdoch have been making a name for themselves gigging around the country, with notable performances in venues such as Scala and The Windmill Brixton as well as sold-out shows at The Shacklewell Arms and The Waiting Room!

Evolving and showing artistic growth with each new release, Murman have been on a steady upwards trajectory since their chance meeting on Gumtree a few years ago and ‘Achilles’ is the proof, seeing the two musicians soar to new heights yet unseen.

Pulling out all the stops, Abbi and David put their all into ‘Achilles’; with Abbi offering an electrifying performance on the drums with high-impact, heart-pumping percussion and David’s giving us an impassioned and powerfully delivered old-school rock vocal.

A dark and gritty, classic rock inspired track, ‘Achilles’ maintains its upbeat energy throughout, whilst the band plays around with the tempo, quickening into an explosive sonicscape for the song’s peak before pulling into a close that rounds off an unforgettable three minutes of music.

Listen to Murman – Achilles here


“We stumbled across an interesting bass line and it took off from there, we wanted to create something fun, writing quite playful lyrics and adding in a heavier breakdown to mix things up. It’s one of our favourite songs to play live.”

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