Emerging Canadian pop-rockers Babygirl return with ‘Nevermind’

Emerging, Canadian pop-rock duo Babygirl make a welcomed return, offering out their second single of the new year. Following closely on from the unveiling of You Were In My Dream Last Night, the pair release their dreamy new single, ‘Nevermind’, partnered with the announcement of their upcoming EP Losers Weepers – out April 16 via Sandlot Records in global partnership with AWAL Recordings.

Babygirl – Nevermind – LIVE

Released with an unplugged, live music video, Babygirl offer a stripped-back, unplugged version of the full-band single experience. The endearing, underdog energy ‘Nevermind‘ emanates is steeped in John Hughesian sadcore, shoegazing melodies, and hazy guitars that speak to being strung along in a one-sided relationship.

Guitar-led and drenched with emotion, Babygirl’s performance of ‘Nevermind’ is an unmissable rendition of an already popular single by the Toronto-based outfit. Both accomplished songwriters Babygirl are a trojan horse made of clever lyrics and a vast musicality which they effortlessly translate into airy pop songs – anchoring them in palpable emotion to provide a release that can soothe listeners by expressing feelings that they may not have been able to express on their own.

“‘Nevermind’ is about being let down, and then pretending like you never cared to begin with. The lyrics come from a defensive and cynical place, so we wanted the chorus melody to have a sweetness to counterbalance that. The production on it is inspired by 90’s rock and britpop — artists like Oasis, Bends-Era Radiohead, and Elliott Smith were definitely on our minds while making it.”


Listen to Babygirl – Nevermind


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