Norway’s dark-pop songstress Maud returns with ‘Nobody’ from her forthcoming EP

Multifaceted, Norwegian electronic artist, Maud returns with her latest, empowering dark-pop anthem, ‘Nobody’. A talented singer, songwriter and producer, Maud has made a name for herself as a purveyor of a distinctly eerie, electronic sound often paired with a biting lyric and distorted vocals, transporting the listener to a surreal, futuristic world, partly inspired by her home in northern Norway that’s permanently entrenched in darkness for half the year.

In her latest offering, ‘Nobody’ sees Maud peer inward for her lyrical inspiration, penning an intimate self-love song that’s candid and sincere. By cleverly contrasting dark and almost spooky production with surprisingly uplifting lyrics, Maud is able to create a feeling of hope and positivity, like the sunshine after a rainy day. Brewing with discontent, armed with self-assurance and laced with witty lyricism, this track is an empowering gesture of self-love and defiance from Maud to all her fans and listeners.

“‘Nobody’ is vulnerable and intimate, but it also substantiates the chaos we may feel inside of us from time to time. Even though the song may come off as distressing, I want the listener to feel empowered and fearless when listening to the track. ‘Nobody’ is the inner voice telling you to stay true to yourself and stop worrying about what others think.”

Listen to Maud – ‘Nobody’ here

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