Lofi grunge and new wave melodies combine in Annabel Allum’s ‘ordinary life’

We first introduced you to Annabel Allum via a stand out cover of The Cure’s ‘Boys Dont’ Cry’ and now she’s back with original material. Lucky us! The single in question is called ‘ordinary life’ and it’s clear that Allum is wearing her grunge and new wave influences on her sleeve.

Delightfully lo-fi, this single tracks the singer-songwriters experience of the pandemic in the UK. It was co-written with the former frontman of Reuben and solo artist Jamie Lenman and producer Ben Hillier (Nadine Shah, Depeche Mode, Blur, Doves) before Lockdown 3.0 in November 2020. It’s plaintively expressing a deep hunger for something that resembles pre-covid normality, as far off as a possibility that may appear to be at times. The jangling restlessness of the drums and tambourines with Allum‘s sincerely hopeful melody is a combination that you’ll want to marinate your ears in.

‘ordinary life’ features as part of Annabel’s hear me out B-sides EP, a thirteen-track mixtape that is
intended to shine light on some of her most modest releases.

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