Irish duo Twin Diver release new wave track ‘Sweet Sick’

Last month we introduced you Irish duo Twin Diver with their post-punk belter ‘Television’. We also gave you the details on how the noteworthy project came to be as one of necessity following the band’s swift exit from London to hunker down close to Dublin for the duration of the covid pandemic.

They’ve just released new single ‘Sweet Sick’ and it’s making us reconsider our readiness in labelling the duo as post-punk because this track undoubtedly stands in the realm of the New Romantics and New Wave . Akin to Manchester names like Joy Division and The Smiths, this single has those same forlorn undertones that lend themselves to the desire for escapism.

Perhaps the reason that we’re drawing the lines between these two points in musical history is that the same challenges that faced Manchester in the late 80s and early 90s are similar to those disrupting life in Dublin today. That and being in your 20s in hard.

“Sweet Sick is about boredom and existential dread. A lot of my friends who are also in their early 20s have talked about not knowing what they’re “supposed” to be doing with their lives. Trying to plan your life is a losing game at the best of times, but given the pandemic I think that feeling was exacerbated for many people, including us.”

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