John Murry’s ‘Ones + Zeros’ is a touching tribute to time lost

Our second feature today from Ireland comes from American ex-pat John Murry who we recently wrote about for his single ‘Oscar Wilde’. Now the Mississippian songwriter has shared yet another touching piece of alt-americana, ‘Ones + Zeros’.

As we’ve come to learn, the imprint of this song began “many moons ago”, as Murry puts it, through a couple of songwriting sessions with Tim Mooney (of American Music Club), who sadly passed away just a few days later and so ‘Ones + Zeros’ was to become the last thing that the pair would record together. Speaking about the experience of suddenly loosing a close friend and how this went on to inform the song as we now hear it, Murry shares:

I didn’t know where to leave it as a song after Tim died, so I tried to shelve the thing permanently. One day, while filming our upcoming documentary film, director and friend Sarah Share filmed me at The Watergate Theatre in my then adopted hometown of Kilkenny, Ireland. She asked me to play a melody on the Steinway grand piano there, and for whatever reason, this song was the first thing to come to mind, and – without singing any of the lyrics – I played it while they filmed and recorded… maybe because it is simple, and intentionally so, even necessarily so. Immediately after filming it, Sarah asked me what that melody was. I told her, and she brought it up and couple more times in the following days while filming at other locations. That was the permission I needed to take it seriously, as a melodic and lyrical impulse.

This unexpected resurgence of the song also became the foundation for the music video, filmed and directed by the aforementioned Sarah Share. Here Share gives us more context about the visuals.

“We shot the video in a Georgian house on Henrietta Street, then in an empty club called Leggs that had been closed for a year due to COVID,” comments Share. “Henrietta Street was once the best address in Georgian Dublin and has especially grand and some unmodernised houses that are frequently used in films. Now it is mostly artists who use the grand rooms as studios and other colourful characters who are dedicated to preserving the buildings.”

‘Ones + Zeros’ is the latest single to be release ahead of John Murry‘s upcoming album, The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes.

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