Richard Jahn invites you into his own unique world with ‘PRIVATE MEMBERS CLUB’


Incredibly unique and utterly alluring, the outrageous entity known as Richard Jahn has returned after a four year hiatus with the head turning, foot tapping number ‘Private Members Club’.

Somewhat of an underlying, whispered enigma in the music world, Jahn has sparked the curiosity of many with his unusual disappearance and now reappearance onto the scene. He explains “It wasn’t a purposeful hiatus, and not that anyone particularly noticed, but I just had some stuff I wanted to work on.” 

It seems that he might have been spending his time residing on a farm in the British countryside in which he has 100 life sized elephant sculptures to keep him company. It’s there that he is also building his very own recording studio from scratch and whilst he’s not doing all that, you might find him crafting some banging new tunes in a West London shipping container with best pals and band mates Billy The Boy and Provhat Rahman.

Naturally flamboyant, this newest release showcases Jahn in his absolute element, featuring a pounding drum beat, an abundance of complex guitar rhythms and a strong bass-line to hold it all together. ‘Private Members Club’ also includes a soaring brass section which sits as the cherry on top of a rather head spinning (in all the right ways), welcome return to the industry.

He explains, “I suppose I have a penchant for modern crooneristic tendencies and I want to reflect, and discuss, the strange times we are living in – that’s really my goal with songwriting”.

Entirely in his own league, something tells us that this is just the tumultuous beginning of a wild new ride for Jahn, one we don’t want to get off any time soon.


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