Silk Cinema question ‘How to Find Perfection’ in dreamy new single


Velvety smooth and silky soft, ‘How to Find Perfection’ is the dreamy new single from London based duo Silk Cinema. Showcasing a slightly more Jazzy tone to their usual unique blend of alternative RnB, its Kristy X’s memorable, crooning vocal that deliver effortless harmonies whilst detailing introspective, thought provoking lyricism. Her delectable melodies are partnered with Ralph A’s skilful production, which sophisticatedly weaves layers of percussion, electronic keys and out of this world guitar chords to create the sonic soundscape that is ‘How to Find Perfection’.

Detailing the process, the duo explain, “Musically, the idea was sparked by a conversation about our dads’ mutual love for Steely Dan and Raph had been working on jazz chord progression in that vein. I think I had to write this song to be okay with never being able to find perfection. As humans we learn a lot as we go on our journey of life. ‘How To Find Perfection’ is really about the stage I am at in my life now. I’ve learned to care less. I’m not perfect nor will I ever be, and it feels so good to be okay with it!”

Check out ‘How to Find Perfection’ below:


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