On the Record: Laurel Smith


For those who have never heard of Laurel Smith before, who is she and what is her music about?

Laurel Smith is an artist who likes to create characters and stories in her music and bring her audience into her world through her visuals and music videos. She believes the elevation and empowerment of women in music to be extremely important. 

What has been the most rewarding/ most enjoyable highlight of your career so far?

The most enjoyable moment for me would have to be being played on BBC Introducing on Radio 1, it was very rewarding to hear my own work being aired on live radio.

What have been some major challenges in your music career so far?

I’ve definitely struggled with people’s attitudes towards my decision to pursue a music career, many people like to put down others who step outside their comfort zone or try to do something different. But in the end I’m doing what I love which drowns out that negativity. 

What are you grateful for right now in this moment?

Honestly, with everything happening with COVID recently I’m just grateful to be healthy and for my family and friends to be too.

Physical copies or streaming sites? 

I’m going to have to say streaming sites, although I think they’ve made the music industry extremely saturated, they have helped a lot of people release music who wouldn’t have been able to previously and I think everyone should be able to have a platform to put out their work. 

What was your most played song of 2020?

Although its not my most played track, Game Over definitely was my highest streamed song of 2020. I think its honesty resonated with a lot of people. 

A playlist you can’t get enough of?

I’m always checking Rap Caviar on Spotify for new tracks. Although I make Dark Pop infused with a bit of Trap/Hip Hop, 80% of the music I listen to is Rap. I love the energy rappers bring and all the different sub-genres and communities there are in it.

A dream collaboration?

I would have to say either Charli XCX or Unknown T. Charli is just such a bad b*tch and I really respect he grind and confidence. Unknown T would be an interesting collab as I think we would both bring something very different to the table that would merge really well.

& Lastly, what can fans expect from Laurel Smith in the coming year?

You can expect more of a shift into my experimentation of merging Hip Hop and Pop, including Drill and Hyper Pop…

Check out Laurel Smiths new single ‘Out The Cage’ below:


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