Make way for Moodbay with their unstoppable indie-dance track ‘My Thing’


There’s a resilience to music that emerges from England’s North East with it’s awe-inspiring landscapes, rich history, great cities and towns and it’s distance from placating to trends of the country’s capital. As Moodbay melodically sing on their new single ‘My Thing’, “I don’t care what you think, because I’m doing my- yeah, I’m doing my thing.” It’s that kind of carefree and confident energy that we all aspire to embody and perhaps with a little help from this northern duo, we can do just that.

​We learn from Moodbay that “My Thing has a simple message about being your authentic self, without caring what others think. Dance and move in your own weird fantastic way and let the music take your body where it needs to go. The soulful and nostalgic groove is influenced by tracks like ‘I Feel It Coming’ by The Weeknd and ‘Instant Crush’ – both being Daft Punk productions.”

Written and produced entirely from their garage studio, vocalist-songwriter Anna Stephens and producer-songwriter Alfie Cattell incorporated the feel-good atmosphere of vintage disco, the moody layers of analog synth and the subtlety of lofi hip-hop textures.

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