Neueneue Deutsche Welle innovator Edwin Rosen returns with synth-heavy banger, ‘Verschwende deine Zeit’

Revolutionary “Neueneue Deutsche Welle” innovator Edwin Rosen returns with synth-heavy banger, ‘Verschwende deine Zeit’ which loosely translates to ‘Waste Your Time’ in English. The new track, the fifth in his budding discography, comes shortly after the release of  Leichter//kälterwhich saw Rosen propelled into the international limelight, quickly doubling his fanbase and gaining the recognition of Berlin indie label,  IRRSINN. Done without a label, promo or any sort of elaborate marketing plan, Edwin Rosen managed to achieve the impossible with Leichter//kälter’and now he’s back to try his luck again.

Entirely written, performed and produced by Rosen, ‘Verschwende deine Zeit‘ is yet another shining example of the Berlin-based musicians incredible skill and appeal. Delivered completely in German, like much of his other songs, ‘Verschwende deine Zeit‘ transcends language through its sheer danceability and undeniable rhythm. Evoking a fun 80s feel via the use of heavy synths and pulsing beats, the track hearkens back to an earlier, joyful time of flared pants and big hair whilst remaining authentic to Rosen’s signature dark energy.

Listen to Edwin Rosen – ‘Verschwende deine Zeit


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