On the Record: Toronto hip-hop collective STAYOUTLATE talk their latest single, ‘LAVISH’ lifestyles & musical influences

4-piece alternative hip-hop collective STAYOUTLATE are the latest Canadian exports making noise across the pond with their dynamic flows, conscious bars and melodic delivery, courtesy of the group’s mixed bag of musical talents. Founded back in 2016, Tremayne, Scotty IV, Charlie Noiir and YoungWolf combine their shared skills across rap, songwriting and production to create sonically unique and thought-provoking music.

Hey guys, thanks so much for agreeing to speak to us. You’ve just dropped your new single, ‘LAVISH’… how are you all feeling? 

Scotty IV: Great, promo runs are always exciting cause seeing streams run-up is like a chase

Tremayne: exhausted. Independent artist life means 24/7 DIY. So even though we’ve spent the last few months creating all this art, now we gotta spend the next few months making sure the world hears it. 

Charlie Noiir: I feel blessed! The response has been dope. People really seeing what we can do as a collective. 

YoungWolf: Pretty damn good about it, the response has been pretty overwhelming honestly. Always in a good way though, been getting a lot of questions on if I actually made the beat … to where I respond… “I definitely didn’t do any vocals on the song” 

For those who may not have heard of STAYOUTLATE before, could you tell us a bit about yourselves and your sound? 

Scotty IV: Grew in the suburbs up on dancehall and gangster rap so my sound reflects all that Tremayne: hyper introspective rebel, tormented by my desire to see everyone around me be the greatest version of them. My sound kind of reflects that. It’s like being submerged in a psycho/thriller. 

Charlie Noiir: Grew up in the Westend of Toronto. My sound is driven mostly by melodies. YoungWolf: I am the newest member of the squad, I make mainly EDM so I like to integrate that melodic style into my hip hop beats. Where I have these mans body every beat I make. Grew up mainly in Durham Region but born and raised in West end Scarborough. 

Who have been some of your biggest musical influences & who are your favourite rappers of all time?

Scotty IV: My older brother who introduced me to Hip Hop, Eminem’s style of inter rhyming Tremayne: My older cousin, who passed away when I was 16, and definitely Kanye and Jay Z. Charlie Noiir: My musical influences always change. Currently, I’d say Trippie Red & Don Toliver. They both find crazy melodies and that’s what I love. Jay Z is the best rapper of all time, And Drake Changed the game and made a way for artists from my city to pop.

YoungWolf: I am similar to Charlie on this one, always finding new influences but the main artists would be Chester Bennington from Linkin Park and Kurt Cobain. 

‘LAVISH’ is all about the personal definition of success and fulfilment… what’s something that you do/have that you consider LAVISH? 

Scotty IV: I feel like I’ve been blessed my whole life, I was lucky enough to work with some of the best performers/artists I’ve ever heard. I excel at my 9 to 5. & My relationship is awesome! Tremayne: I think the most Lavish thing I have is my state of mind and drive. It’s relentless and unbound. 

Charlie Noiir: Waking up and doing what I truly love to do every day, which is make music, is Lavish AF 

YoungWolf: I wake up every day lavish so ….. Next question haha. 

STAYOUTLATE – ‘LAVISH’: Official Music Video

What’s the writing process like in a collective? 

Scotty IV: Kawarthas

Tremayne: To elaborate on Scotty. Most 

Of the writing for this project was done in the Kawarthas in Canada lol. It’s like a cottage town by a lake. The man dem escaped there and just focused on music. Charlie and Scotty are the melody gods, YoungWolf is the production guru and I’m the wordsmith. 

Charlie Noiir: It’s easy because we all respect each other’s talent. So it’s easy to get ideas out and build on them. 

YoungWolf: Feels like it comes pretty naturally even outside of the just music thing. Aside from the music we all have some pretty common interests and the same type of personalities so it feels pretty natural when we get ideas down. 

…& is it sometimes difficult to keep up with other members of the group lyrically?

Scotty IV: Na, I’m super lyrical and playing with words and melodies are my strength but I’ll never write a verse as visceral as Tre or as saucy Charlie. 

Tremayne: I think the thing that’s always been wavy about us as a collective is we all have our own lane that each of us understands and respects. I think keeping up is competitive, where I’ve never written a verse with these guys and thought “I wanna be best” we each add something so important to each track. 

Charlie Noiir: not even a little bit each one of us is NICE with the pen! Respectfully! Lol

YoungWolf: Not a lyricist so I wouldn’t actually know lol. 

What’s been a highlight of creating this track for you guys? 

Scotty IV: It sounds way different than all the music we’ve put out together and might slap the hardest. We can do anything we want 

Tremayne: I think honestly seeing how well it’s being received by our day ones. It’s been getting some of the highest praises of any track we’ve put out. 

Charlie Noiir: Yea like Tre said the reception been lit. And that’s what you want as an artist. You want your art to be loved and appreciated! 

YoungWolf: Pushing my own personal boundaries to accomplish something I didn’t even know I had in me. 

What can fans look forward to next? 

Faberge! Shows in real life! Parties in real life! 

Tremayne, Scotty IV, Charlie Noiir, YoungWolf
Photographed by Tyler Roussel


– Physical copies or streaming sites?

Scotty IV: Streaming services, we don’t have a choice anymore 

Tremayne: physical copies, I have a small vinyl collection that I wanna build into a crazy collection. The experience is too much of a vibe. Lowkey f*** streaming services as an artist.

Charlie Noiir: streaming hands down. always having immediate access to my music is crucial YoungWolf: Streaming is just the way .. BUT if I had a record player I would love to hear my stuff on a vinyl sound system. 

– Biggie or Tupac?

Scotty IV: PAC, he had a greater influence on the culture at the time they both passed whereas Biggies influence stayed largely within music. Who knows what would have happened if they were alive still.

Tremayne: Tupac for sure. To me, Biggie was an amazing artist but didn’t have much control of his career. I don’t think any of us can have complete control, because music doesn’t exist without collaboration, especially as big as they were. PAC publicly fought for everything he believed in and his evolution as an artist was a reflection of his evolution as a person.

Charlie Noiir: PAC! Scotty and Tre covered it lol 

YoungWolf: Yeah Pac for sure 

– A producer you’d love to work with? 

Scotty IV: Kanye 

Tremayne: Kanye, pre-Jesus is King 

Charlie Noiir: Don’t really have one. I go off energy. If we both excited to work together, magic will happen, don’t care who it is. 

YoungWolf: Kenny Beats would be a fun guy to work with. Multi-genre producer too, like me. 

– Favourite rap/hip-hop collective? 

Scotty IV: G-Unit 

Tremayne: TDE 

Charlie Noiir: Roc a fella 

YoungWolf: Taylor Gang 

– Favourite hip-hop album of all time? 

Scotty IV: Slim Shady LP 

Tremayne: TLOP 

Charlie Noiir: Don’t have one. My favourite album right now Tee Grizzley Build for Whatever YoungWolf: I am kinda same as Charlie, don’t really have one but if I had to pick… Mac Miller K.I.D.S



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