Hongza release his debut Gen Z EP with alt-pop-rock anthem ‘Cure Me’

Our favourite indie boy Hongza is back yet again to conclude the epic journey that he’s been on over the past few months. It all started with his unmissable cover of Harry Styles’ ‘Cherry’ before the British-Vietnamese newcomer introduced us to his cathartic 00’s rock sound in ‘Accolades’. Recently, Hongza dug his heels into the alt-pop meets indie-rock style with repeat-worthy ‘Dream Eat Sleep’ and that tracks seamlessly leads us into the debut EP with it’s focus track ‘Cure Me’.

‘Cure Me’ toes the line between ferocious mosh-put chaos and a melodic sing-a-long moment, which for us is quite simply the perfect combination at any gig. One thing we know about Hongza‘s music is that there’s always a deep meaning behind those catchy choruses and rebellious instrumentation.

“‘Cure Me is originally about growing up and recovering from a break-up but my view on the track has slightly changed. It’s not only about falling in love, it’s about recovering from heartbreak through finding your true friends, spending time with your family and learning to love yourself during a rough time,” Hongza tells us.

It’s a star track on the Gen Z EP, which also includes the new addition ‘Identity Crisis’ in which Hongza‘s prowess as a pop songwriter comes to the fore. Check out the full EP and the ‘Cure Me’ visualizer below.

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