Jeremy Loops is feeling the distance in his latest single & video, ‘Postcards’

South African based singer, songwriter, and producer Jeremy Loops is feeling the distance in his latest single and music video for ‘Postcards’, his third release of the year and a welcome new addition to his growing discography of honest, indie-folk.

Co-written by Jonathan Quarmby (Tom Walker) and produced by Cam Blackwood (George Ezra), the single’s inspiration draws from the unique relationship pressures of occupational travel and long distances. A self-taught musician and director, ‘Postcards‘ showcases Loops’ unbounded creativity and drive in the best of ways.

Shot in a manor house in Cape Town, the music video sees Loop portrayed as a sort of background character in a number of scenes; like a fly-on-the-wall observing the ups and downs of relationship life, as he narrates a solemn story over a jolty, self-played guitar rhythm. The contradiction in the cheery mood of the sound and the harsh bite of the lyrics gives the track a unique feel and perspective, a quality that Jeremy Loops’ songwriting has come to be known and loved for.

Speaking of the new single, Jeremy says: 

“Postcards is a song about the ups and downs of relationships, people feel like they are alone when they suffer difficulties in relationships, it’s more common than people admit. This isn’t a sad song, it’s a song about acceptance and accepting that difficulties are often part of the journey to finding that solid connection. It’s a very upside-down world we’re living in right now. It’s hard to see people agreeing on anything, but this is one thing I feel like everyone can agree on. Sometimes we just can’t live with or without each other.”

Listen to Jeremy Loops – ‘Postcards’ here


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