Sean Wyer’s ‘Videogames’ is an instant candy pop classic


Sean Wyer, London based, queer pop artist has released the sugary sweet, candy pop classic ‘Videogames’. Oozing with bubble gum like synths, he creates the ultimate virtually immersive world with this bright and colourful new instalment. Illuminated with gorgeous melodies and catchy lyrics, Sean has shown exactly why he’s turning heads with this addictive new track.

Sharing his thoughts on the adventurous new single, Sean says, “Videogames is really about missing people you love. Lockdown was incredibly tough in that way. I’d fallen for a guy, but I was scared to tell him.

I spent my teenage years in the closet, so I hadn’t had many chances to experience these deeply romantic feelings before. It was mid-lockdown and playing video games was a way to take my mind off how I felt. I’d get lost in the game and it made it easier to not think about things. In the end, I worked through my emotions by writing this song for him. I was sat at the piano, and it just hit me that this is what I wanted to write. It was a really emotional experience. The lyrics came out of nowhere and suddenly took away all the confusion. It was like a lightning bolt of inspiration. Later, I realised that it was the perfect song to collaborate on with Joel. He loves to experiment with lots of unique sounds in his production and he really brought the computer game aspects to life. It was a very cool collaboration. We struck this unique balance between my pretty melancholic song and Joel’s upbeat and detailed pop production.”

Sign us up for the sugar rush, ‘Videogames’ is sure to satisfy your musical sweet tooth.


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