Pritt & S.A.M join forces for duet EP ‘Take 2’

Back with a groundbreaking collaborative project, South London based R&B singer Pritt and North West London rapper S.A.M team up for the release of the Take 2 EP, featuring the lead single, ‘Drowning’.

Eight songs long, the EP explores the complex mix of emotions experienced during a toxic relationship & follows the journey of two lovers as their union ultimately comes to an end. As the lead single and closing track, Drowning captures the grief, confusion and chaos of the post-relationship period, cleverly expressed through a call-and-response type duet between the two British-Asian stars.

Written as a detailed narrative, the story that plays out between the two lovers will be highly relatable to many listeners, and its sonic offerings of RnB-fuelled melodies and hazy, tropical beats are sure to catch an ear or two. Inspired by the changing moods of the ocean; from perfect calm to raging storms, ‘Drowning’ represents how a person’s love can go from being your peace to being your poison.

Speaking on the message behind the duo’s songwriting, Pritt explains:

“Drowning focuses on the penultimate part of a toxic relationship, past all the heartbreak where you are nothing but done with the situation. Reminiscing the good times but the bad seems to outweigh it. The back and forth between S.A.M and Pritt sounds like a conversation, where they don’t see eye to eye eventually ending the relationship for good. They are both dragging each other down hence the title ‘Drowning’. There are only a handful of people I would choose to work with, and I’m glad S.A.M and I can share what we’ve been up to these past couple of months”

S.A.M: Instagram || Facebook || Twitter

Pritt: Instagram || Facebook || Twitter

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