Introducing pop-R&B newcomer Alana Sukul


You’ll pick up the threads of several different genres in Alana Sukul‘s brand new single ‘Be Friends’, whether that be the emotive R&B top lines, the Billie Eilish-esque production, undercurrents of bassy club music or the acoustic pop melodies. What this West London artist has created here is a youthful tapestry of contemporary influences, which she then transforms that into a vehicle to express the complex feeling of loosing a close friend.

As the 18-year-old musicians tells us: “Friendship breakups can sometimes hurt a lot worse than your typical romantic breakup, I hope this song will help listeners to grieve over the loss by dancing it out.”

Not only is this song super relatable, but it also reflects the expansion process that Sukul went through in the lockdown. It’s been especially hard for teenagers who have had some of the best and most exciting years of their life dampened down by the global pandemic, but it’s also been a time of deep reflection and creativity. For Sukul, she stripped away all her past work from the last two years, making way for ‘Be Friends’ to be her fresh start in the music industry.

Listen to ‘Be Friends’ below and be sure to keep up with Alana Sukul across the socials as we’re sure she has more musical magic up her sleeves.

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