On the Record: Newcomer LOR talks her debut single, ‘Used To’, inspiration & future ambitions


Based in Toronto, LOR turned to music and songwriting as means of catharsis, finding that a healthy, creative outlet helped her overcome and understand difficult and emotional situations. LOR is no stranger to tough times but her music champions those who triumph over adversity and choose vulnerability over violence. Confident, resilient and versatile, LOR is here to make her mark on the industry, starting with her debut single, ‘Used To’.

1. How’re you feeling now that your debut single, ‘Used To’ is coming out?

I’m still in shock so it’s a bit hard to pinpoint. But I’m the most excited & nervous I think I’ve ever been about anything. 

2. Could you tell us a bit about your journey to finally releasing music publicly, what made you decide to share such a personal song with the world?

I always knew it was what I wanted to do from a very young age. I’ve been writing songs and performing my whole life. I’m the most honest with myself and about what’s going on in my life when I write. Everything I create comes from a very personal place about things I’ve experienced. For a long time I never wanted to share my music or even write sometimes because I knew I would have to deal with my emotions and I wasn’t ready to do that. I just knew I had to if I wanted to fully commit to start being myself. I grew frustrated from not knowing who I was and not being the person I knew I could be. This song kind of just happened. I was upset about a guy (lol) and I heard this beat and it just poured out of me. I wanted to turn my experiences and struggles into something positive that others could feel, relate to and not be ashamed of. Everything I write will always be very personal to me. I don’t really know how not to be that way. 

3. Is it easy to open yourself up like that, why/ why not?

Honestly it wasn’t at first. My feelings were something that I tried very hard to hide for a long time. I was always told I was too sensitive and very emotional and it became a negative thing for me. So now allowing myself to just feel what I want and need through music and not beating myself up for it or being embarrassed feels like a huge weight off my shoulders. 

4. What do you hope that listeners gain from this track?

I really hope they just relate to the lyrics and it makes them feel something. Happy or sad. Whatever they want. As long as they feel it. And that it’s okay to want something that isn’t good for you sometimes. 


5. Could you tell us about your creation process, how do you go from an idea to a finished song? Do you write in one sitting or do you have to leave it and come back to it later?

It really is different every single time. I never know what I’m in for. My brain has a knack for always absorbing and finding random inspiration in many things. Down to what I see, experience and even in conversations. Sometimes a song comes out in 10 minutes. Other times it’ll take a few days and I’ll have to come back to it, leave it alone, come back to it until it’s at a place that I’m happy with. 

6. As an artist just starting out, what are some of the things you’d like to achieve in your career?

So many things. First and foremost I’d love to go on tour! I want to perform on late night tv, design a clothing line, design my own guitar. I want to write songs with and for other artists. I also want to own my own record label. 

7. Do you have any dream collaborators?

Jack white, Lana del Rey, The Maria’s, The Arctic Monkeys, Tom Misch, and Stelios Phili.

8. Lastly, what can we expect next from LOR?

I’m working on finishing my EP that’s coming out in the fall. I have a bunch of music videos to go with the music and some really cool merch my team and I are working on.

Listen to LOR – ‘Used To’


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