Emilia Tarrant completes her debut EP with gorgeous ‘September’

Making her third appearance in a year, Winchester’s very own Emilia Tarrant is staying at the forefront of our listening rotation thanks to her newest output ‘September’. Much like her last release ‘Here You Are, Again’, this young British talent is staying true to her brushed-pop and subtly-folk singer-songwriter roots, although there’s a strong argument to be made here that this is the best that her voice has ever sounded. Clearly a year under lockdown has done great things for Tarrant’s creativity, giving her the opportunity to mature those songwriting muscles.

“I wrote it with the lovely Archie Faulks back in September (of course) last year, during a time when I was quite reflective on 2020 and the end of summer. I feel September is a month of ‘drawing the curtains’ as autumn arrives, which can be quite tough, and ‘tender’ for some. We took lyrical inspiration from the events of the month, my favourites having to be ‘berries are bitter, the swallows have flown’. I loved exploring this sort of lyricism with Archie, as well as picking up it’s pace with producer Luke Potashnick (Gabrielle Aplin) in the studio.”

Even more excitingly, ‘September’ isn’t a standalone release, it’s actually the completing part of Tarrant’s debut EP. Titled Honeymoon Phase after her popular track of the same name, it’s out now as a self-release via Summer Freckle Records.

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